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The New Zealand Brass Band Championships is one of the world’s oldest music competitions. 

The first contest was held in the Christchurch Drill Hall on the 17th of April 1880 with an audience of 2500 people.  Six bands competed, and the audience chose the winner – the Invercargill Garrison Band, under the command of Captain W.E. Heywood.

These days the national contest is held annually over five days and includes Junior and Open solo and ensemble competitions, a Sacred Item/Hymn, Test selection and Own Choice selection for band in each grade (A, B, C, D, and Youth), plus a Street March. The contest usually concludes with a gala concert. 

Upcoming Dates

2020 8 to 12 July
Festival of Brass at the Town Hall Complex, Christchurch
Contact Contest Manager bbanzeo@gmail.com or Christchurch Liaison person Stephen Leader leader14@slingshot.co.nz

2021 14 to 18 July
National Championship at the Te Whaea National Dance and Drama Centre, Michael Fowler Centre and Opera House, Wellington.
Contact Contest Manager bbanzeo@gmail.com or Wellington Contest Committee chairman Mike Sander: mtsander007@gmail.com

2022 18 to 17 July
Dunedin’s Festival of Brass at the Dunedin Centre, Dunedin.
Contact Contest Manager bbanzeo@gmail.com or Dunedin Contest Committee secretary James Duncan:  93jamesduncan@gmail.com

Interested in hosting the 2023 National Championships in the top half of the North Island? Contact the Contest Manager bbanzeo@gmail.com Applications to host this contest close on Monday 31 August 2020

2020 National Champs

The BBANZ committee feel it is premature to cancel the contest at this stage, and agreed our current intention is to hold the contest as scheduled in July. We recognise that this decision may ultimately be taken out of our hands as the situation develops over the next few weeks.
The Government has indicated that it expects to see if the lock-down strategy is working by 6 April, so we anticipate getting further clarity around what will happen at the end of the current lock-down period after that date.  The committee will continue to meet as the situation changes and will provide updates over the next few weeks.

Saturday 9 May: 
Closing date for contest entries. 
Wednesday 24 June:
Release of the Draw for all events. 
Draft schedule of contest events
Wednesday 8 July:
Events from 9.00am. Solos for Under 15 groups, Juniors, Masters and Open Slow Melody. All percussion events – Open, Junior and Under 15 solos and Ensemble. All Open ensembles. Junior Champion of Champions 4.30pm. Invitation Slow Melody 8.00pm. 

Thursday 9 July: 
From 9.00am - Open solos including Open Own Choice event and Junior Ensembles. Open Champion of Champions from 7.30pm

Friday 10 July: Sacred or Reflective item and test selection for A, B and C Grades. Street March for all grades

Saturday 11 July: Own Choice selection for A, B and C Grades. Championship results announced. D Grade and Youth Grade events. Championship results announced.

Sunday 12 July: 2.00pm Gala Concert 

2020 Contest Test Music

For Bands 
A Grade: Of Men and Mountains by Edward Gregson. Available from Just Music JM31158.
B Grade: Temperamental by Fendall Hill. Purchase from www.fendall.com.au 
C Grade:  Fanfares by David Woodcock. Purchase from dswoodcock@gmail.com
D Grade: 1953 by Fraser Bremner. Purchase from sales@fraserbremner.com

Test Solos
Eb Soprano Cornet: Masquerade (Phillip Sparke) from Studio Music M050012955
Championship Cornet: Myths and Legends (Bertrand Moren) from Just Music JM99194
Amateur Cornet: The Prussian arr. Craig Miller from grantl@tangaroa.school.nz
Flugel Horn: Sempre Vivente (Todd Smith) from tsmith2101@gmail.com
Tenor Horn: Capriccio Brillante  arr. Sandy Smith  from Just Music JM43406
Baritone: Saltatio Diabolica (Eddy Debons) Trumpet version, from Just Music  JM99175
Euphonium: Slavische Fantasy (Carl Hohne) from Just Music JM99807
Tenor Trombone: Broken English for Trombone (Fraser Bremner) from sales@fraserbremner.com
Bass Trombone: Prelude Et Allegro (Eugene Bozza) from Studio Music AL21259
Eb Bass: Capriccio (Rodney Newton) from Just Music JM43407
BBb Bass: Fantasy for Euphonium (Philip Sparke) from Just Music JM43522

Contest Information


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